The Gospel of Matthew - The Gospel of the King

Author:  Matthew / Levi

        “logia” in Aramaic/Hebrew

Date: 45-68 A.D. (C.E.?)

Location: From         - Jerusalem

                          - Antioch Syria

       To:        - Dispersed Jews (45 A.D.)

Calling: Matthew 9:9-13

        - Mark 2:14-17 (Levi Ben-Alphaeus)

[Related to James, Son of Alphaeus?]

        - Luke 5:27-32 (Levi)

“Left everything behind…”

“Levi gave a big reception for Him in his house…great crowd”

List of Apostles: “Matthew”

Matthew 10:2-4* - Mark 3:16-19 - Luke 614-16 - Acts 1:13

* “Matthew the tax collector”

Writes to the Jews:

A Jewish Genealogy through David to Abraham

A focus on the Kingdom of Heaven

Describes the bribery of the guards

A number of Gentiles are mentioned

Women in the Genealogy

Herod the Great & the Magi

Canaanite woman (15:22-28).

Two Centurions (8:5-10 & 27:54).

Quote from ESV Study Bible – Introduction to Matthew

        Matthew crafted his account to demonstrate Jesus’ messianic identity, His inheritance of the Davidic kingship over Israel, and His fulfillment of the promise made to His ancestor Abraham to be a blessing to all the nations. Thus in large part Matthew’s gospel is an evangelistic tool aimed at his fellow Jews, persuading them to recognize Jesus as their long-awaited Messiah. At the same time, the Gospel reveals clearly to Gentiles [and Jews] that salvation through Jesus the Messiah is available to all nations.        For Jewish Christians, Matthew’s gospel provides encouragement to stand steadfast amid opposition from their own countrymen, as well as Gentile pagans, secure in the knowledge of their citizenship in God’s kingdom.

Characteristics of Matthew

Jesus as the King

The Genealogy of the King

Contrast with Herod the Great

Forerunner of the King

Power of the King

                Over the natural world

                Over the supernatural world

The Identity of the King

The Triumphal Entry of the King

Jesus the King

        “The Christ” 19x

        “The King” = 2:5; 25:31,34,40; 27:37

The Kingdom 57x

        “Kingdom of Heaven” 33x

        “Kingdom of God” 5x

Matthew’s view:

        The kingdom is spiritual

        The kingdom is present

        The kingdom is future

Key Words & Phrases

Kingdom of Heaven

Parables of the Kingdom (13:1-52).

Keys to the Kingdom (16:19).

See the Son of man coming in His kingdom (16:28).


Teaches as one having authority (7:29).

Centurion: “I am also a man under authority” (8:9).

Chief Priests: “Who gave you this authority?” (21:23).

All authority given to Jesus (28:18).


J-t-B:  Trees that do not produce fruit will be cut down (3:10).

Jesus: Good trees produce good fruit; bad trees produce bad fruit (7:17-19).

A tree is known by its fruit (12:33).

The fig tree is cursed because of a lack of fruit (21:19).

The Kingdom to be given to a nation producing the fruit of it (21:43).

Didactic intent

        Connect Jesus with Old Testament Prophecy

        Old Testament cited often

                = 53 direct quotes

                = 76 allusions

                   86 times by Jesus


Organized in 6 discourses

5:1-7:29 – Sermon on the Mount

10:1-42 – Charge to the Twelve

13:1-52 – Kingdom Parables

18:1-35 – Greatness & Forgiveness

23:1-39 – Leaders Rebuked

24:1-25:46 – Olivet Discourse

        Five = ending,

        “when Jesus had finished…”  7:28; 11:1; 13:53; 19:1; 26:1

Surrounded by narratives


Presentation of Jesus the King - 1:1 – 4:11

The Birth of the King

The Announcer of the King

The Approval of the King

Teaching of the King - 4:12 – 7:29

The Ministry of the King

The Sermon of the King

Power of Jesus the King - 8:1 – 11:1

His power over sickness

His power over disease & demons

His power over men & nature

His power to heal & forgive

His power over death & blindness

His power to proclaim the Gospel

Opposition to the King - 11:2 – 16:12

Rejection of the King

Parables of the Kingdom

Further rejection of the King

Beheading John ends appeal to Israel

Presentation to the disciples in view of rejection - 16:13 – 20:34

Revelations in view of the rejection

Instructions in view of the rejection

Fourth discourse ends 20:28

Final presentation and rejection of the King - 21:1 – 27:66

Public Ministry

Conflict with the leaders

Rejection of the nation by the King

Prophecies of the King

Death of the King

The proof of the King - 28:1 – 20

Resurrection Appearances

Attempted Cover-up

Great Commission

Key verses:





                         Matt. 24:14 with Romans 1:16